Grain Fed, No Growth Hormones, or Antibiotics

Eric's All Natural Beef is available for your freezer by the quarter or by the half. Processed at an USDA inspected facility to your specifications, it is dry-aged for tenderness, flash frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve the highest quality and flavor.

Our animals are raised without stress. They are free to graze on over 45 acres of natural pasture that has not been treated with herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals. Finished on grains, never fed animal or poultry by-products, our premium beef offers a tenderness and delicious flavor that will have you wanting more. You'll be proud to serve this to your family and friends. You'll feel comfortable knowing the beef has been raised safely and simply, free from hormones, free from antibiotics... the way nature intended.

For more information on purchasing beef for your freezer call (330) 547-3647