Professional Training

" Over the past 25 years I have worked with thousands of dogs. I am recommended by several veterinarians, as well as, other kennels and groomers for their customers whose dogs have problem behaviors. I do not just tell you what to do, I personally work with each dog and owner individually and show you what to do and how to handle your pet. You have my promise of professionalism. There is no substitute for experience."
  - Jim Evans  

A Certified Master Instructor, Jim teaches all programs. Jim has been training at his Berlin Center facility for over 25 years. He has built an excellent reputation and is recommended by several local veterinarians. Jim can help make your pet a loving, obedient, and enjoyable member of your family.

Obedience training helps your dog develop into an obedient, loving pet while preventing bad habits and unwanted behaviors. Obedience is to dogs what an elementary education is to a growing child. Obedience training establishes a foundation from which you and your dog can learn to communicate and relate to one another. Your dog will know what is expected of him and will grow into a loving and loyal companion.

Your dog is a member of your family. At Evans Kennel, programs are designed to train dogs while recognizing the needs of the owner and teaching the owners to understand and use the training effectively. Each dog and owner are given personal attention, not only told what to do but personally shown as well. Any breed of dog will benefit from training. Dogs of all ages are able to learn and most are ready to begin classes as early as 14-16 weeks of age. Classes run for six weeks and are designed to teach you and your dog basic obedience skills. Classes are constantly forming so there is sure to be a time to fit your schedule.

At Evans Kennel, class size is kept very small so that each pet and owner receives the individual attention that they need while having the advantage of training around other dogs.

Owners enjoy these classes as much as their pets do!

Other Programs available include private lessons in your home, and a residency program at our facility. Our residency program meets the needs of owners who might not have the time to complete a training program, or who wish to put their dog training into the hands of a professional. We personally train your dog at our facility and when their training is complete, we train you to handle your dog.

We can help train your pet with behavior problems. We can help improve your family's relationship with your dog. No dog is too old to learn and all dogs can benefit from training.