"I have owned, trained and raced over 130 dogs in my lifetime. The attached picture shows 6 of the 37 dogs once housed in my professional dog sled team kennel during the 1980s.

When picking a dog for our family I would ONLY consider Jim Evans. In spite of all my experience, I go to him for his special help. He is the only professional I would consider. I trust his caring, consistant professionalism, results oriented approach to help me prepare the newest member of the Smith family.

My experience with Jim spans nearly 10 years, multiple classes and many many happy referrals.

I can assure you that just after the phone call arranging the arrival of our newest little girl "Roxy" (in picture with son Toby) , the next phone call was to Evans Kennels to enroll her in what I affectionately refer to as the 'The Good Citizen Program"

I HIGHLY recommend Jim and his services, we will use him again in the future."

- Tim Smith, Boardman Ohio