" Suzie and I have taken 3 of our dogs to Jim for obedience training. Dobie, our Doberman was in 1990. Dobie was the class clown and could lay on his back on a walking down command and still make it to Jim’s side for the heal command. Dobie grew up with our granddaughter Allie who was 3years old when he became part of our family. Allie would walk him with the instructions “you are the dog and I am the kid.” Dobie passed away in 2000. Bubba , a Neapolitan-mastiff, went to school with Jim as instructor in 2000. Bubba was not high energy and would actually snore while a sleep waiting for his turn in class. Bubba was always near Allie and made sure no strangers hung around the fence watching the young teen-age girls in the swimming pool. He never had to say anything but his size and presence got the message across. Bubba passed away in 2006.

Amos our very large sized German Sheppard was next to attend obedience school with Jim. Amos is a true working dog. He is always helping and looking for another job around the house. Amos is the good natured big brother always being picked on by our pack of pygmies, (3 little girl dogs.)

One question we are asked is why would you take Jim’s obedience class 3 times, I thought you are taught how to train your dog? Our dogs are part of our family and as any one with children can tell you each kid is different. Jim’s knowledge and experience with such a large variety of dogs provides the exact training method to correct bad habits or breed characteristics. We recommend with out hesitation Jim Evans Kennel to our friends in the market for dog obedience training or boarding."

- Bud & Suzie Fetterolf
Newton Falls, Ohio